Welcome to Trollhättan Hockey Trophy 

Trollhättans Hockey Club invites you to another year of Trollhättan Hockey Trophy. Last year was a succes but we will continue evolving the cup concept, trying to get even better!

We are very excited to announce also this year´s new cup. Those of you who has visited us in the past or last year will recognize the structure from previous years, and we will hold on to the concept introduced last year.
• We have reintroduced the game of third place and will keep this. Bronze trophy is back to stay!
• In the semifinals we practise 3-penalty shots before sudden death penalty shots.
• In the final and bronze match there will be a 5 minutes sudden death and after that sudden death penalty shots. Note that the same applies 


The level of the youth tournament is of medium difficulty(also called AA).
The level of the of the Ladies tournament is from Elite, Div 1 and Div 2( College teams from  Division I and III are welcome). Teams will be divided in groups depending on strenght.

In total we plan for ten teams to participate in each age group. The tournament is played in two groups including five teams each.   

All teams play at least five games. Teams that go into the playoffs will play six games. You play four group games; two on Friday and two on Saturday. Tournament will start at 08:00 on Friday morning, which means that long-distance teams usually choose to come already on Thursday evening. On Sunday, all teams have a placement game. The winner and runner up of each group goes to the playoffs where the losers of the
semifinals will play for bronze trophy on Sunday afternoon. Then the semifinals winners face each other in the final for the trophy in Trollhättan
Hockey Trophy. Game time is 2x20 minutes and ice is resurfaced between games.

Please note that in the Ladies tournament we plan to arrange the 2 groups in order of team strenght. When grouping after team strenght the play offs will be arranged as follows. Team no. 1-4 in group A will be qualified for semifinals. Team no. 5 in group A will play Team no. 1 in group B. Two golden trophys will be awarded. One for the winner of the play off final in group A and one for the group B winning team. Silver and bronze trophy will also be awarded the no. 2 and no. 3 team in group A play offs and for group B in the game between group B team no. 2 and 3.

Three referees in each game. If referee calls Match Penalty the player will automatically be suspended as a minimum the next game.
For the Ladies tournament we aim to use IIHF referees in line with last years tournament. 

A maximum of two overage players + one overage goalkeeper may participate in each game. Overaged players should not be included to improve the team.

All teams disposes own loocker room which you keep throughout the tournament. Please bring skate guards!

All teams and families have the chance at staying at Scandic Swania located in the center of Trollhättan (10 min walk from the arena). For a special Trollhättan Hockey Trophy price. Please select a person who holds together all your teams booking issues with the hotel including possible supporters.


All participants (players and staff) will be having 5 meals at Scandic Swania, that's included in the participation fee.

Scandic hotels have worked out a sportsmeny for the athletes and teams who stay or eat at the hotel. It is a well balanced meal to suit the athletes needs. 

All players receive a memory award for participation in Trollhättan Hockey Trophy. Trophies are awarded to gold, silver and bronze teams. To encourage fair play we have a Fair Play award to the team with the fewest number of penalty minutes from the group games.

Register your team on this website(see the header ANMÄLAN). When notification is made, you get a copy by e-mail which also contains all payment information.
Each tournament holds ten teams. We also have a reserve list, so even if the tournament is fully booked, you can register for reserve space. You don’t pay an application fee until when/if a vacancy arises.

The participation fee is 1195 SEK per person. Price applies to players and coaches.
Registration fee: 4500 SEK is to be paid within 10 days after notification. Once we have received the payment we publish your team on the website under ”Confirmed teams” on the current tournament. For the Ladies tournamnet we accept teams based on team strenght due to the two groups.
NOTE Registration fee is not deducted from the participation fee.

Final Payment: The entire entry fee for the team must be made no later than 30 days before the tournament begins.
Cancellation: Cancellation before 31 December, 2022 will refund the registration fee and paid participation fees. Cancellations made after January 1, 2023 will not refund the entry fee.

Even if you can follow all games via there is nothing that participants appreciate more than playing for stands filled with parents
and other supporters. To hear the cheering during the games provide a lovely setting. Therefore we have a offer for all supporters at a lovely holiday in Trollhättan, with plenty of time for hockey, shopping, entertainment and nature experiences. Scandic Swania hotel have a special price for this weekend.

The city of Trollhättan
is since 2009 a Fairtrade City. In a Fairtrade City increases the supply and consumption of ethically labeled products. Businesses, organizations, associations and public organizations working together to spread awareness about ethical production.

In Slättbergshallen
, our arena, we have an intensive environmental work that includes recycling. We use only electric Zambonies to avoid emissions. A long-term effort to improve environmental awareness is in progress. More information:

Scandic Swania, our tournament hotel
is one of Scandic’s 120 hotels eco-labeled with the Swan. They serve a solid KRAV-certified buffet breakfast.
Obviously, it’s wireless, free WiFi in the hotel.
More information:

For information on what to see and do during your stay,
please visit